🌸🌿🌸Beauty Glow Mask & Moisturizing Butter Set

🌸🌿🌸Beauty Glow Mask & Moisturizing Butter Set

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Beauty Glow Mask and Moisturizer go hand & hand when delivering the results of combating any acne, blemishes, dark spots & uneven skin tone. It leaves your skin looking & feeling soft and rejuvenated.  Over a short period of time, your skin looks and feels replenished and youthful.  

Beauty Glow Moisturizer further adds a layer of deep cleansing and healing for the skin. It also can be applied directly to the skin 2-3 times daily to heal bug bites, any infected skin irritations on the face, body and even in your hair/on the scalp. It instantly combats & stops any itching on the skin in all areas that may be associated with anything from eczema to even yeast infections. It’s been tried and proven. Feel free to contact me with any personal questions or concerns if you have any, before usage. Results are noticeable almost immediately. Your skin will be very thankful.🥰🌺🌺🌺

Apply the mask to your face right before bedtime and let it sit for about 20 mins before washing off the mask.  Wash off the mask with warm water and lastly, apply your moisturizer and leave it on overnight.


DISCLAIMER: As with other products used for daily beautification, take care not to touch counter surfaces or clothing while applying your mask as it will cause discoloration. Clothing items or materials that have been discolored can be easily treated with peroxide, and then a normal wash with soap or detergent and water.